Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia course

During past weeks, on the 24th September, 9, 15 and 30th of October 2020, a group of South American haematologists had the opportunity to ‘virtually’ attend a Medical Education Program directed by Prof. Peter Hillmen from the University of Leeds, UK. Prof. Hillmen and his team are internationally well-known for their expertise on CLL & patient management. Omniprex, together with Learning@Leeds, organised this course in a virtual format to allow delegates from abroad to continue their medical education despite the current challenges around travel.

The delegates highlighted the excellence of the on-line platform which allowed them to participate in this course with a leading CLL team. The platform allowed the participants to meet the team and exchange clinical practice experience, while maintaining the on-site course dynamism in sessions lasting 2 hours each day. Participants were able to comment and debate with Prof. Hillmen and the faculty about different topics of interest such as CLL pathology, Leeds hospital service design, patient management, clinical trials and laboratory facilities.