OVAC is a virtual world which offers the possibility of connecting and interacting with other users in real time and live at any time of the day through the avatars.

The users can be connected to the virtual world according to their needs and interests; like attending meetings, conferences and workshops, maintaining private meetings with other users in the enabled spaces, consult documents, view videos and canned training, attending fairs and congresses, etc.


  • Improve the participation data in a programme
  • It hooks the user, with programs tailored to their needs
  • It allows for emotions to be transmitted
  • It sets metrics for BIG DATA
  • Sustainable projects, without the need for travel and associated costs


  • It creates a community to improve the communication. Connects with the users in a natural way facilitating networking and collaboration
  • It impacts the users with an interactive and participatory 3D experience.
  • It offers fun activities in group which contribute added value to the experience

The virtual world has standard spaces already designed, with the possibility to apply a customization of the basic graphical environment.

In addition, there is the possibility of customizing the virtual world according to the needs of the laboratory.


Avatar Design

Design your avatar according to your appearance or preferences


Principal Scenario


Auditorium 300 persons


Amphitheater 200 persons


Meeting room with terrace


Meeting room with activities space


Virtual Library


Networking and Workshops space


Workshops Space


Fairground and Show room


Laboratory, office and streaming space